Artists in the Making

September & October were packed full with lots of art-making in the art room at WCA.

After our initial International Dot Day projects we jumped into learning the Elements of Art!

Elements of Art:
(Ask your child to do the elements of art jingle for you-complete with hand motions!)

First we did a lot of color theory, learning color order by meeting Roy G. Biv (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). We read Mouse Paint in kindergarten and first grade, painted rainbows in elementary school and creative color wheels in 7th and up. Students enjoyed mixing the paint best! Who doesn’t love experimenting with paint. We all learned to take care of our paintbrushes by using them on their “tippy toes” just like ballerinas. We also dabbled in the element of value by filling in our self-portraits mono-chromatically. Check out the display in the hallway to find your child’s drawing. Then we learned about the element of line through zentangle designs. We filled our negative and positive space pumpkins with lines, lines, lines and some high school students even got to design zentangle self-portraits which are also on display at school.

More to come soon! I’ve been taking lots of pictures! I absolutely love getting to know your children and seeing the artist in them come out! They are all blossoming. I am super excited for our upcoming lessons on printmaking…stay tuned!

-Mrs. Garnier


Art Classes Underway!

The first weeks of school have been going great in the art room! I have loved getting to know all the students.

We open up every art class with a Bible verse and prayer.┬áSo far we’ve celebrated International Dot Day, with the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. Some even got to watch a video of the book come alive, read by the author himself. Every class made dots (or part of a dot) with oil pastels or crayons(K-1). I loved seeing the creativity come out of students with each unique piece. We’ve also began our study of color theory. Most classes have completed a color wheel and have gotten to mix paint(who doesn’t love that?!)! Younger classes are focusing on primary and secondary, while older classes are learning terms like complementary, split complementary, tertiary, monochromatic and more!

We also played some fun art games, which you can see in several photos: art dice and art musical chairs. Enjoy the pictures!

-Mrs. Garnier

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Thanksgiving Party

Quick Updates:

Wednesday, Nov 18th – Children may wear purple with/without jeans in support of Liza Guptill and her Chiari surgery.

Thursday, Nov 19th – Operation Christmas Child Ministry @ 2pm.

Friday, Nov 20th – Thanksgiving Meal, please RSVP to Tillie if you haven’t yet. Early Dismissal at 1:30pm!

Wednesday, Nov 25th – Thanksgiving Party 9:30am-11:15am, Parents will be running this time in the classroom, during my absence.

Read a Story – Shannon Smith
Make a Craft – Crystal Constant & Sarah Kassa
Special Snack – Robin Caron & Julie Richards
Play a Game –
Sing songs –
Other –

Please contact me if you want to volunteer, need ideas or to use school supplies.


1st & 2nd Grade Update

Now that school is in full swing I feel like I haven’t posted in a while. Hopefully you haven’t felt “in the dark.”

For tonight’s homework: I hope your children remembered to do them in print. Later in the year we will do spelling in cursive- but not yet (-:

I wanted to make a note about water bottles. The school’s water system for drinking is still down, so please be sure to be mindful and send your child with water. I will continue to try and send water bottles home at the end of each week, just be sure to return them or send your child with an alternative- especially for gym on Tuesdays. I feel like they are dwindling.

Pizza may begin this week. Miss Tillie did mention that she would be getting out paperwork this week for this Friday, so keep looking for verification on this. I know many are looking forward to it.

Our class field trip to Gray Wildlife Park is this Thursday. Please be sure to send in your paperwork so that I can get a headcount to the park tomorrow. $5 per person is due by Wednesday in cash. Someone gave me $10 today – I can’t remember who! I’m sorry! If it was you, please let me know. Real permission slips will be going home tomorrow.

Today we celebrated the start of Book it! The children are very excited for it! The October calendars will be sent home before or on October 1st. Please have your children read their allotted minutes each school night and color it in on their calendar. If they miss a school night, you can have them make it up on the weekend.

Work-a-thon is not too far away. I hope many of you have begun fundraising!


Spelling Homework

I hope the kids remembered but for 2nd graders spelling homework today – they should write their spelling words right in their assignment book. There is a nice space to right their list. It is small but encourage them to write neatly. Spelling tests are on Thursday this week since there is no school Friday.

I did begin spelling with the first graders today as well- they wrote their list once in their spelling notebooks, however I will not test them this week. They will have another week to work on them and will be tested next week. Next Monday the list will go home and they will write their words. Their homework paper gives them space to write it and cut it off to hand in. However, if you’d like them to have it in their assignment book as well, you can have your student write it in on another night or write it in yourself.


Testing Begins Next Week & Reading Program Poll

Just a quick note tonight that our school will be having our fall NWEA testing next week. We have testing for approximately an hour on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. So needless to say, please have your children well rested and tummies filled especially on those days! No need to stress, just come prepared. I don’t like to hype up the kids about testing.

Last year, our class participated in Pizza Hut’s Book It program from October through March I believe. As the months progressed, many students said that their parents didn’t take them to redeem their certificates and many stopped completing the monthly reading calendars for various reasons. I understand Pizza Hut is far and that it may not be health conscious. I chose the program because I liked the free reward and the tracking calendars to help develop a daily reading habit in our students. However, if the reward was not useful to many I’d be open to suggestions for this year. I have tried researching other options, but alas many rewards are just as far away as Pizza Hut, or there just aren’t many other options! Although, I want children to be internally driven to read, a monthly reward doesn’t seem too crazy to me. Please e-mail me if you are ready for Book it or would prefer a different idea and why. Thanks for your input!BookItLogo(1)


Classroom Needs and Updates

Hello! I’ve been writing a lot lately- I hope you all enjoy staying updated.

If your child is in 1st grade, you may have seen small Bible packets coming home. We are reviewing the beginning of our Bible curriculum that the 2nd graders already went through last year, so I didn’t want them to miss out on their pages. You can have your children complete the pages at home, but it is optional. No need to send in again.

I have some needs I thought parents might enjoy/be willing to help with.
Let me know if you can help:

  • For this Friday: A mysterious baker is supposed to leave cookies or muffins, or the like, with a mysterious letter from “the baker.” This is part of our Bible curriculum- just like cookies or art can not make itself, either can the world- there has to be a creator. Please let me know if you’ll bake something before the end of school on Thursday.
  • For this upcoming Monday: We need empty food containers for Science class. Particularly ones that fit into the starch, protein, minerals and vitamins category for sorting. Our book mentions starches like pasta and bread, but we also tested potatoes and cornstarch in class. Our book mentions proteins such as meats, beans, and eggs. Our book mentions minerals like eggs, fish, milk, and lettuce. Our book mentions vitamins such as vegetables. I know meats can be hard, but even a cardboard fish or something would be great for sorting.
  • We also could use some gallon sized ziploc bags if anyone can donate some. I love the heavy duty freezer bags.Lastly, spelling will begin for the 2nd graders on the 14th and on the 21st for the 1st graders. Students will have spelling homework the first night that a spelling list is given- typically a Monday. The homework is to write their words once. First graders are provided with a half page to copy onto and cut in half to turn in, however second graders must do it on separate lined paper and keep their list at home on the fridge, etc.

    P.S. We might have a field trip coming up. Keep Thursday, October 1st penciled in.